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Our Story

Tree of Goals has been providing caring and loving services for over three years with multi-speaking cultures. From Dutch speaking workers to Spanish, English, Arabic and many more! Our team holds a variety of skills to ensure that each participant’s needs, goals and desires are met to certain extents. Keeping the participants day-to-day life active and fulfilling it with adventures, skill learning and goal achieving.Our team ensures that everyone feels like a family, from the staff to the participants. 

Tree of Goals respects your privacy by keeping everything confidential and respecting the individual’s privacy regardless of their gender, sexuality, background or age. 

Our Core Values

We at Tree of Goals strive to uphold our values and principles with both our team members and participants. It is our values and adherence that set us apart from the rest.


We have a strict policy for anti-discrimination & anti-judgmental behaviours. We treat everyone at Tree of Goals equally.

Compassionate care

Tree of Goals ensures an ongoing, safe, caring, and loving service to maintain a healthy and kind atmosphere.


We strive to enhance your quality of life by ensuring that you attain your personal goals with our help.


Tree of Goals mission is to always ensure that all the participants achieve all of their goals no matter how small or big the goal may be.


Tree of Goals vision is to be able to assist all participants in living an independent lifestyle to their fullest potential, as well as increasing independence and autonomy.


Our values are based on the principles of acceptance, non-judgement, and respect for all regardless of their background.

Covid Safety is our highest priority

We understand how tough 2020 has been for everyone.

All of our support workers and staff members are provided with PPE (personal protective equipment) to help stop the spread of Covid-19. We also educate our participants and staff members on the most recent Covid-19 updates and how to stay safe and healthy on a daily basis.

All  the staff at Tree of Goals have successfully completed the Covid-19 safety training and strive to ensure your safety during this pandemic to the utmost priority.


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