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We Provide Personal Assistance & Care

NDIS Approved Provider

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“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.”

– John Rohn

Our Services

Tree of Goals provides professional care for people from all walks of life. We provide assistance with everyday life activities from personal care to cleaning your home environment to even shopping and preparing meals. Our team teaches you new skills and improves your existing skills to maximise your potential and independence.

Community Participation

We organise excursions, fitness classes, painting & beading, road trips, movie dates and many more.

travel & Transport

We provide support workers to drive you around & accompany you out in the community

Allied health

Our team of Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist are here to assist you with all of your requirements.

Interpretation & Translation

Our Multi-lingual staff consists of translators who can assist you in any situation from seeking a medical appointments to translating paper work.

Household task assistance

We assist you with a range of household tasks, from general housework like mopping, vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.

Personal activity assistance

Our specialised staff can assist and supervise you with daily activities like cooking, grocery shopping, bathing and getting dressed.

Life skill development

We help accomplish your personal goals by making individuals support plans that focus on your personal well-being.

community nursing care

Our qualified nurses are trained to provide assistance upon discharge and in-home care. They also assist with medication preparation, wound management, and much more.

Daily task & shared living

We can assist and supervise you with daily tasks whether you are in a shared living complex or on your own! We are always here to help.

We are NDIS Approved

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) helps and supports individuals who live with permanent and significant disability to live as independently as possible. 

Some of the supports that the NDIS provide to help an individual live an ordinary life include:

  • Assistance with personal activities
  • Support with daily household tasks
  • Improve wellbeing
  • Support in gaining employment

How we work?


Make An appointment

You can contact Tree of Goals by a call or email via our website. Shortly after, one of our friendly staff will contact you back within 24 hours to assist with your enquiry.


Tell us your requirement

We will meet at your earliest convenience for a consultation about the various plans and options available for you.


utilise our services

Once your needs and goals are discussed, Tree of Goals will begin to plan with you a specialised support plan to further assist you.

“Tree of Goals is very proud of its exceptional service and customer satisfaction for the past three glorious years. It is the feeling of helping our community reach their goals that keeps the tree growing.”

What our clients have to say


“I was very excited for Saturday to go out with the group. I had fun at the park playing a game. I was winning and that me even happier! I always look forward to every group outings to see other people and all the support workers. ”


“I was very happy and excited because we do a BBQ when we go out and I love doing BBQ. I like all the places we go every time with the support workers. I love and enjoy visiting new places with beautiful views. I would not hesitate using these people for support care and find the support workers very nice and friendly. .”


“I have a great time and enjoy my time every time. I like the idea of going out with the group every Saturday to meet new people and have fun with everyone. .”

Claim your independence

With our professionally trained team we strive to make your life as independent and autonomous as possible. Your happiness is our privilege and we stop at nothing, to help you achieve your goals.